Volunteer Opportunity – Managing & Web Editor

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Role and Responsibilities: 

We are looking for a superstar editor, whose main focus will be on developing, editing, and  publishing our stories on Cold Tea Collective. These articles are written by new and seasoned writers about a wide-range of topics related to North American Asian Millennials. This role is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to strengthen their editing, storytelling, digital, and coaching skills in working with other writers. Some of the responsibilities include the following:

  • Participate in Content Team meetings twice a month on overall content strategy and planning and other meetings as needed
  • Review pitches, facilitate story development, review and approve final stories before uploading to WordPress, then doing final approval on WordPress before publishing
  • Editorial calendar management (we use Asana to keep our publication dates on track)
  • Collaboration with Editor-In-Chief and Social Media Coordinator to ensure coordinated and timely publication
  • Recruit and onboard new personal story contributors on ongoing basis
  • Time commitment is 5-10 hours/week


  • Previous writing, journalism, editing experience an asset
  • Previous coaching and team leadership experience an asset
  • Professionalism and tact in providing feedback and guidance for our contributors

How You Can Get Involved:

Please email hosea@coldteacollective.com. Feel free to pose any questions you’d like to discuss in advance. We look forward to hearing from you! Deadline for applications is April 30th, 2019.

What is Cold Tea Collective?
Cold Tea Collective is a new media platform, sharing the real stories, perspectives, and experiences of North American Asian millennials (ages 25-34). We are passionate about providing Asian millennials with a platform to better understand and connect with themselves and the world around them. We tell it from the heart, dig deeper for the truth in every story, and strive to create the best quality content and conversation. Cold Tea Collective is a place for us, by us.

Our Values
We’re not afraid to stay true to who we are and to tell it like we want to. We strive for the best quality in our creation of content and conversation. We never take things for face value; we always dig deeper.

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