Bromance Challenge with Osric Chau, Yoshi Sudarso, Peter Sudarso and Manny Shih

We sit down with real life BFFs and put their friendship to the test.


The bromance is real when it comes to real life best friends, and literal bros Osric Chau, Yoshi Sudarso, Peter Sudarso and Manny Shih.

Cold Tea Collective sits down with the guys and learns about how they first met, Pokemon and Yugiyoh, how trouble always seems to find them, and we called it ‘The Bromance Challenge’ (but if you listen to the podcast, you’ll note that the ‘challenge’ part is more so withstanding the cold weather we had during that interview).

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Here’s a bit about this eclectic group:

Osric Chau

Photo: Sthan Lee

Actor, producer, anime lover and arguably the most popular guy in Asian Hollywood, Osric Chau! Freshly off producing and starring in his very own feature film, Empty By Design, Osric is like the (slightly) older brother to the rest of the Bromance Challenge crew. He’s also starred in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, 2012, and has a massive cult following from his recurring role as Kevin Tran in the long-running television show Supernatural.

Fun fact: He’s the biggest boba fan we know — he carries around a reusable boba straw with him and has often been seen with boba in hand on the red carpet.

Read or listen to our interview with Osric Chau here.

Instagram: @osricchau
Twitter: @osricchau

Yoshi Sudarso

Photo: Elle Indonesia

Stuntman turned actor, a former Power Ranger, a bunny dad, Yoshi is your real life #fitspo.

You can also catch him on Netflix in his latest film, Buffalo Boys, where he plays one of two brothers who were exiled to America and travel back to Indonesia to avenge the death of their father.

Fun Fact: There are fans of Osric and Yoshi’s friendship with an adorable fan/stan-account on Instagram @yosricsudau

Instagram: @yoshi_sudarso
Twitter: @yoshi_sudarso

Peter Sudarso

Photo: @saffelsphotography

Yes you guessed it, Yoshi and Peter are brothers. Younger brother Peter is an actor and dancer, not coincidentally also a Power Ranger. If he looks familiar, you’ve likely also seen him as a swoon-worthy eligible bachelor on none other than Wong Fu’s Asian Bachelorette.

Together, Yoshi and Peter are also the faces of Express Men.

Twitter: @petersadrian
Instagram: @petersadrian

Manny Shih

Photo: Andrew Ge

Alongside his homeboys the Sudarso brothers, Manny Shih is one of the collective YouTube group, Apartment 210 — where he and their roomies talk about topics from break-ups to video games, to the most hilarious challenges and reviews. He and Yoshi also star in Pretty Dudes —a web series where group of friends self-identified as ‘pretty boys’ navigate sexuality, race, romance and more.

Twitter: @mannyshih
Instagram: @mannyshih

Listen to the full interview below and subscribe to our podcast on most streaming platforms. Oh and try not to laugh, we dare you.

Cover image photos by Kane Lieu, EOMLK, Saffles Photography and Andrew Ge.

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