#PhotogFeature: Travel Photography

Travelling makes great photos, right?These photographers certainly think so. See how each provides unique perspective on popular locations.

#PhotogFeature will appear on Cold Tea Collective every other Friday, putting a focus on Asian photographers from around the world who inspire us. As fellow Asian creatives, we want to showcase our favourite photographers, artists, cinematographers, and those in the creative space.

Travelling and photography are often synonymous. Some people buy cameras just for trips and never use them after they return home. Others obsess over the perfect kit to take with them on their travels. At the bottom of it is the desire to capture their memories in the best way possible.

This edition is primarily focused on four Vancouver based photographers, each with a different perspective on travel.

Gordon Shieh – @gordonshieh

Gordon Shieh is a photographer who shoots a hybrid of film and digital. Software developer by trade, but photographer and adventurer by passion, his more recent travels have taken him throughout Taiwan and Japan, but with a smattering of local destinations as well.

His photography combines not only an appreciation for urban landscapes with a subtle interpretation of natural features, but also his unique twist to tie in his love for street photography. He was also one of the photographers to document our first ever panel event, as part of the Entrepreneur Series.

Photo credit – @gordonshieh
Photo credit – @gordonshieh
Photo credit – @gordonshieh

Vui Nguyen – @v.ngyn

Well connected within the Asian millennial scene is Vui Nguyen, a photographer who is talented in a multi-disciplinary way. From concert photography to urban landscapes as well as street photography, it’s clear Vui has found her niche.

She has photographed actors and YouTubers including Simu Liu, Linda Dong, Jason Chen, the Fung Brothers, Julie Vu and members of the JK Films crew.

Her past trips to Seattle, Toronto, Los Angeles, Taipei, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more have covered off quite a few landmarks, so see if you recognize them!

Photo credit – @v.ngyn
Photo credit – @v.ngyn
Photo credit – @v.ngyn

Jason Lin – @backkups

Many photographers are talented in other ways. Jason Lin contrasts analytical skill from his education as a software developer with a more spontaneous personality to his photography, leading to some truly unique compositions of often overshot locations.

His eye for detail and attention to timing has contributed to some amazing captures. Taking original photos in familiar locations is always a challenge, but somehow Lin manages.

See what he’s captured in Toronto, Seattle, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, and Paris to name a few.

Photo credit – @backkups
Photo credit – @backkups
Photo credit – @backkups

Henry Hwu – @henryhwu

Bonus photographer! We’re blessed with some real talent in this city, and Hwu is no exception. Originally a hobbyist photographer, more recently his travels have taken him throughout lands both well and less travelled.

Now, he spends a more significant amount of time documenting musicians and the locations of their concerts. He has shot for artists including Drake, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator, and Kid Cudi.

See some of his images from Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong. More can also be found at his website.

Photo credit – @henryhwu
Photo credit – @henryhwu
Photo credit – @henryhwu

As well – thanks to everyone who’s been reading this feature. I’m Jasper, and you can find me at @casperwithaj (and tell me if you like or didn’t like it). Though life has gotten in the way, it’s been my pleasure and privilege writing this feature!

If you know a creative photographer who you feel we should feature, please reach out to us by emailing info@coldteacollective.com

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