#PhotogFeature: Film Photography

Life in analog, part 2. We’re going back to film and how these photographers use it to document their lives.

#PhotogFeature will appear on Cold Tea Collective every other Friday, putting a focus on Asian photographers from around the world who inspire us. As fellow Asian creatives, we want to showcase our favourite photographers, artists, cinematographers, and those in the creative space.

We return to film photography to convey what digital photography sometimes can’t. Something about the grit and particular colour palettes always manages to put us in our mood.

Sam Lee – @sammysoju

Sam Lee is a Vancouver based photographer that shoots purely film. His work captures the essence of a clear creative intention – always conveying some emotion whether surreal or serene.

Photo credit – @sammysoju
Photo credit – @sammysoju
Photo credit – @sammysoju

Johnny Liu – @johnnyhomemovies

While you could always have a store develop your film for you, there’s a kind of satisfaction to being hands on with developing and scanning the film. Liu, a Los Angeles based photographer develops and scans the majority of his film.

His work is an intimate look into his life, including people, places and possibilities. He also runs two other film submission accounts where he scans, curates and colour corrects family photos as well as scans others’ found film.

See and even purchase some of his work at his page here.

Photo credit – @johnnyhomemovies
Photo credit – @johnnyhomemovies
Photo credit – @johnnyhomemovies

Sang Han – @sanghan_

Finding your voice can be difficult in any type of artistic pursuit. When it comes to photography, that voice can translate to colour choice, composition, emotion, or anything that creates a consistent theme within a body of work.

As a creative director / designer at Google and photographer, Han seems to have found his niche and flourished. Combining candid moments with a consistent colour palette, his work shares a familiarity even in different settings and environments.

Photo credit – @sanghan_
Photo credit – @sanghan_
Photo credit – @sanghan_

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