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Interested in sharing your story or perspective on the Asian millennial experience? We’re always looking to add to our contributor roster! Bring your fresh stories, great ideas, and creative projects to the Cold Tea Collective community.


  1. Tag us in your social media posts sharing moments from your life as a North American Asian millennial. Use: Instagram/Facebook @coldteacollective, Twitter @coldteamedia, and/or the hashtag #coldteacollective
  2. For press releases and media coverage, send to: Please note that we do NOT cover single releases or promote third-party fundraisers planned by individuals – thanks for your understanding. 
  3. Contribute your personal story or join us as a regular volunteer columnist. More below.


What is Cold Tea Collective looking for?
By writing for us, we hope you find fulfillment in telling stories in a space created for and by Asian millennials.

We want to leave our readers with something they can relate to, connect with, or feel inspired by on some level, whether you’re sharing a personal story, a listicle, commentary, or opinion. We’re looking for posts that:

  • Comment and provide meaningful insight into an aspect of the Asian experience in North America
  • Connect personal experiences and stories to a larger or deeper context
  • Help us better understand ourselves, the communities we participate in, and communities outside of our own
  • Empower and strengthen our ability to live our lives with confidence

We aim to cover a wide range of topics, so feel free to pitch ideas from any angle. As a writer, we will pair you with an editor that will guide you through the ideation and writing process.

We welcome pitches from all BIPOC communities, not just from Asian writers, and would love to hear your stories, particularly as they connect with our North American Asian millennial audience.

What’s NOT right for us: Rant or takedown pieces. Overly divisive opinions that break apart the Asian millennial community rather than connect them. Excessively self-promotional stories that only serve as marketing. Please note that we do NOT cover single releases or promote third-party fundraisers planned by individuals – thanks for your understanding.

General Disclaimer:

By submitting your pitches, questions, comments and other information to us, you grant Cold Tea Collective permission to use such information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  There is no guarantee that a pitch will be accepted or responded to.  

How to contribute:

  • Read our articles to get a better idea of what we share and how we cover these topics. We’re open to topics we haven’t shared before, but reading our latest articles gives you an idea of how to shape the focus of the story you want to tell.
  • Follow the instructions below under “Submit Your Pitch”.   You can otherwise email us at if you have any other questions!

Thanks for your interest — let’s collaborate!

The Cold Tea Collective Editorial Team 

Submit Your Pitch

What is the main idea of your story? Distill it in a short sentence for us to get a clear picture of what your idea is about.
Please provide a description of the article idea you are interested in writing, outlining the 3-5 main points and conclusion or calls to action you wish to make. You are welcome to provide more than one article idea here.
Please provide a brief description of who you are and the kind of writing you typically do.
If you have never written for us before, please provide two writing samples.

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