About Us

Cold Tea Collective is a new media platform, sharing the real stories, perspectives, and experiences of the next generation of the Asian diaspora.

Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., our team spans across North America, with team members in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, and Seoul.

We are passionate about providing our community a platform to better understand and connect with themselves and the world around them. We tell it from the heart, dig deeper for the truth in every story, and strive to create the best quality content and conversation.

Cold Tea Collective is a place for us, by us.

Our Values

We’re not afraid to stay true to who we are and to tell it like we want to.

We strive for the best quality in our creation of content and conversation.

We never take things for face value; we always dig deeper.

Contact: info@coldteacollective.com

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