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hot for food’s Lauren Toyota on her career journey, racial identity, and new cookbook

hot for food’s Lauren Toyota discusses her career journey, racial identity, and the creative and business thought process behind her new cookbook, hot for food all day.

The new beauty standards: be yourself and be sustainable

YouTuber JENerationDIY discusses her body confidence journey and passion for sustainable beauty, as well as how she is forging a path for women of colour and encouraging everyone to do their part to preserve the earth for future generations.

Conversations with our mothers on beauty, body confidence, and self-esteem

We sparked a conversation with a group of mothers and daughters about challenging ideal beauty conventions and promoting a healthy body image. Hear Mikaela & Ina and Summan & Serbjit share their stories. These podcasts were produced in partnership with Dove and Refinery29. For more information, visit

Olivia Cheng talks breaking new ground in Warrior and real life

Actor Olivia Cheng to discusses how Warrior is tackling racism head on, how her character is breaking stereotypes, and the importance of showing up for the Asian and Black communities.

Chen Tang is bringing the immigrant experience to screen with Warrior

Actor Chen Tang talks about his two recent major projects, Mulan and Warrior, bringing his immigrant experience to his acting, and the parallels in racism between fiction and reality. 

Leah Lewis on The Half of It and discovering herself

The Half of It star Leah Lewis chats about her role in Netflix’s new film, learning about herself, and her culture as an adoptee.

Mayumi Yoshida on courage, love, and community

Mayumi Yoshida chats about her journey as an actor and the way her outlook on people and community impacts the growth and dynamic of her work.

Linda Dong on content creation, and forming global connections

Linda Dong (aka LeendaDProductions) discusses her YouTube career, her favourite pieces, and where she gets her inspiration for her latest song, skit, or meme.

A Year in Review: Cold Tea Collective’s Highlights of 2019

Listen to our Pearls of Wisdom audio recap featuring exclusive, unheard interview clips from 2019.

Jordan Connor on Riverdale, acting and his Chinese-Canadian Heritage

The Riverdale star talks about his new web series, his career, and his recent engagement.

Jake Choi on Single Parents, and the importance of representation

Jake Choi talks about how his character, Miggy, from the show Single Parents expands Asian representation on the screen.

The Entrepreneur Series: Event Recap

Cold Tea Collective kicked off its first-ever event featuring a panel of local Asian entrepreneurs and founders.

The Entrepreneur Series: Vivian McCormick, Co-Founder of Flax Sleep

Co-founder of Flax Sleep, Vivian McCormick, to talk about founding with friends, and transitioning to entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneur Series: Sonia Chhinji, Co-Founder and CEO of Woodlot

Co-founder and CEO of Woodlot, Sonia Chhinji, speaks on taking the leap to entrepreneurship, and her commitment to customer service.

The Entrepreneur Series: Matthew Murtagh-Wu, The Dumpling King

Owner of The Dumpling King, Matt Murtagh-Wu on how he got started and what keeps him going.

The Entrepreneur Series: Bob Wang, Founder and President of Legacy Advantage CPA

Founder of Legacy Advantage CPA, Bob Wang, talks about his core values and how his firm got bought by Deloitte for $1.8 million.

Being brave and bold with Victoria Park of The Flash

We sit down with Victoria Park to reflect on being an Asian American, her time with Wong Fu Productions, and her role on The Flash.

The time is now for Canada’s own Chantal Thuy

With more demand for Asians in film, the Black Lightning co-star eyes the next step in her budding career.

Yoshi Sudarso Is Embracing His Roots and Kicking Down Doors

From stuntman to actor, Yoshi Sudarso talks about his career, his family, and what it means to bridge two worlds.

Bromance Challenge with Osric Chau, Yoshi Sudarso, Peter Sudarso and Manny Shih

We sit down with real life BFFs and put their friendship to the test.

The Long ‘Crazy’ Journey of Angry Asian Man

An O.G. of Asian storytelling, Phil Yu reflects on his popular blog of 18 years.

New Film, New Mindset For Osric Chau

The Vancouver-born Supernatural and Arrow, actor is transitioning to a writer and producer role with Empty By Design.

Jackie Fern Is Staying True to Her Voice of Authenticity

Two-time Emmy Award-winning TV host, writer, and content creator, talks about her new project, Ghostwriters.

Hustle and Heart: The Curtis Lum Story

How hip hop and food influenced one of Canada’s rising actors and his career.

Hustle and Heart: The Simu Liu Story

Cold Tea Collective sat down with actor Simu Liu to find out about his journey as one of Canada’s leading Asian men on screen.

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