Hot takes on what’s happening around us and how that impacts us as Asians in the diaspora.

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Cultural appropriation: Moving beyond public apologies

How can companies and individuals do better when responding to public backlash about incidents of cultural appropriation? Vivian Dang explores this and the fine line between appropriation and appreciation as she unpacks the most recent case of cultural appropriation by a white-owned company called The Mahjong Line.
Group of protestors holding sign that says "Asians for Black Lives" in a sign of solidarity

The myth of Asian American political apathy

Asian Americans have internalized the model minority stereotype that they are politically apathetic by nature—but our history tells us otherwise. Fresh Off The Vote’s Grace Ouyang outlines how we can debunk the myth, and why it’s crucial that we should.

The future of Cold Tea Collective depends on you.

People chatting at the Making It documentary screening.

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