How people around the world are reacting to Hong Kong

Demonstrations in Hong Kong have not slowed down and is spilling into cities globally, as we compile the latest on the protests.

Like tear gas fired inside MTR stations, the sheer amount of news, images, and reactions from Hong Kong can be suffocating. 

No matter how much we want to run away from all the commentary around the protest, it begins to permeate our daily lives — especially for those with personal or direct connections to the city.

While opinions and mindset vary drastically based on cultural backgrounds, the source of information, and overall understanding of the situation, many are continually impacted by the unrest and uncertainty. In a previous article, Cold Tea Collective provided a brief overview on what exactly is happening in Hong Kong.

Much has occurred since then, including airport shutdowns, Donald Trump tweets, and military mobilization.

This past weekend was no different, highlighted by a rally in Hong Kong that saw an estimated turnout of 1.7 million people. Demonstrations weren’t just for those residing in Hong Kong, as a reported 32 rallies were organized across 10 countries to show support for pro-democracy demonstrators.

Credit: Cold Tea Collective

Heartbreak, helplessness, and hostility are just some emotions that overwhelm those affected, and in some instances, families are being fractured because of the conflicts that seemingly have no end in sight.

In our best attempt to avoid malicious or overt one-sided views, we identified brief coverage from select cities around the world.



Washington, DC



More coverage

Aside from Lennon Walls, a list of visible ways to support the protests from afar was also compiled, including suggestions for American and Canadian residents.

Even Hollywood has been affected, most notably with the star of the upcoming Disney movie Mulan reposting an apparent criticism of the city’s long-running protest movement while showing support to the Hong Kong police (which have been accused of brutality against protesters). Crystal Liu Yifei’s comments triggered a backlash from pro-democracy groups which led to the trending of #BoycottMulan.

Other celebrities have also spoken out against Hong Kong — such as Jackie Chan and K-pop group EXO — while others are throwing their weight behind Hong Kongers.

Finally, we want to hear from you.

How have you or your family been impacted by the Hong Kong demonstrations? How have rallies in your city, if any, been received?

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