Exploring Bubble Teas With A Twist

The boba game is strong, but here are our top not-your-average BBTs from different shops across North America.

The bubble tea competition is fiercer than ever with more quirky drinks and new flares from different shops across North America.

The boba game is strong. And businesses are doing more by adding creativity to their drinks in hopes of setting themselves apart from the multitudes of bubble tea places out there.

Here are our favourite bubble tea shops that are wow-ing BBT drinkers by doing things just a little differently.


Photo: kcet.org

Los Angeles, US
IG: @labobatory

Feeling experimental? Check out this spot in downtown Los Angeles. You’ll be entertained by the menu with their not-your-average bubble tea complemented by some creative names. Several of their most popular drinks include “Fifty Shades of Earl Grey” and “Asian Boba Girl”. They also offer dairy alternatives and caffeine-free options!


Vancouver, CA
IG: @thebbtshop

Not sure what to get or want to order more than one option? The Bubble Tea Shop allows you to literally get two flavours in one drink! They also offer catering services if you’re hosting an event. Be sure to try out their famous waffles, which are available in a variety of flavours.


Portland, US
FB: @fatstrawcafe

For those looking for bubble tea but also have dietary restrictions, don’t worry! Check out Fat Straw in Portland and their vegan bubble teas, which are made entirely with coconut milk. They also serve Stumptown Coffee and Portland Roasting Coffee, so if you have a coffee-snob friend, you can bring them too!


Various locations across US and CA

Ever heard of ‘cheese tea’? It’s a popular bubble tea craze from Asia that has finally hit North America. You can try it at Happy Lemon; an international chain with multiple locations across North America. Their Salted Cheese menu is a savoury twist on the world of teas!  


Photo: picgra.com

San Diego, US
IG: @sdbobatea

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in for a treat. This San Diego-based boba shop combines your favorite childhood (or current!) snacks, such as Lucky Charms and Kit Kats, with your favorite BBT. If you’re looking for a super Instagrammable drink, it’s time to pay SD Boba Tea a visit.


Photo: purplechives.com

Vancouver, CA
IG: @passiontearoom

Not in the mood for an extensive bubble tea menu? Passion Tearoom is the place to go. This hidden gem is found in downtown Vancouver, featuring some of the best bubble teas around town made with fresh ingredients — including fresh milk and cream instead of the powdered versions. The menu may be basic, but their drinks will make you fall in love with the fundamental flavours all over again.


Photo: milkandt.com

Los Angeles, US
IG: @milkandt

Want an environmentally-friendly option? This Los Angeles-based bubble tea shop is known for their self-serve bar to go with their glass jars instead of plastic cups to reduce waste.  Along with their creative approach with a powder-free drink menu, there are also new drinks released every week so you won’t get bored with the options. Oh, not to mention that their syrups are 100% handcrafted!  

Next time you drop by one of these cities, be sure to check out their awesome selection of the not-your-average BBT shops!

No matter your taste, there’s a bubble tea out there for everyone.

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