Ashley J Chong

Headshot of Ashley J. Chong

Ashley Chong is based in Chicago and claims home at Peoria, Montreal, and Iowa City. She writes words and music to digest life. She spends a lot of time thinking about cultural identity, Korean pop culture, and languages. Most likely to be found scribbling in her bullet journal, listening to music, or wandering a city.

Ashley J's Latest Articles

People protesting the murder of Vincent Chin, holding a sign that says Justice for Vincent Chin

Why we must learn Asian American history

From the Foreign Miner Tax, Japanese incarceration camp to the recent anti-Asian shootings in Atlanta, a writer recalls the anti-Asian history in America and explains the importance of having such historical knowledge and context to address the current anti-Asian hate crisis.

The future of Cold Tea Collective depends on you.

People chatting at the Making It documentary screening.

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